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Screen Printing



Promotional Items

We feature an in house art department and offer a full range of products for custom logos, corporate apparel, school designs, custom embroidery, softball and baseball including uniforms, vinyl banners and logos for churches and family reunions.


We only sell top quality uniforms from most reputable companies to insure that all of our customers get the highest quality products at the best prices in town.

Our services include everything from sales, custom designs, team uniforms and special orders. Many people have a specific idea for t-shirts or uniforms. Our top notch staff can create that one of a kind item. If you have a picture or an idea, call us today at 337.205.6999 or email us at and we can make it happen.


SCREEN PRINTING is the process of decorating a material with a stenciled design by forcing ink through a mesh screen, transferring the design from the screen onto the material. Traditionally the design stencils were hand cut or painted, but today the screens are coated with a photo emulsion which creates a negative image from the design transparency when exposed to UV light.

$$$ - Pricing is based on the number of colors in your design. Printing on dark colored items is more expensive because it requires a white base coat (like a primer when painting a wall) in most cases.

PROS - The size of the design doesn't effect the cost, so it's an economical choice for large designs like you find on t-shirts and jackets. Fine detail and small letters are no problem and 4 color process printing gives the illusion of a full color photo.

CONS - Designs with 4 or more colors can get expensive, especially on dark colored garments.

1-2 Spot Colors: Minimum 12 Items
3-4 Spot Colors: Minimum 36 items
5-6 Spot Colors: Minimum 72 Items
4 Color Process: Minimum 72 Items

*we have different options for printing your artwork if it's under the minimum.

EMBROIDERY is the process of decorating a material with a stitched design using a needle and thread. Traditionally this was done by hand, but modern embroidery is done with large multi-needle sewing machines which use high tech software. DIGITIZING is the process of converting a design to a stitch format that will run on an embroidery machine.

$$$ - Pricing is based on the stitch count, which is determined by the size and complexity of your design. Embroidery is generally more expensive than screen printing.

PROS - Embroidery has more upscale appeal than screen printing, making it the most popular choice for corporate apparel like golf shirts, denim and oxford shirts. Embroidery looks better on items like hats, knit caps, towels and polar fleece than screen printing. It's also more economical for small designs with a lot of colors.


CONS - Embroidery cannot capture fine detail or small letters (we suggest 1/2 inch tall minimum). Large or complicated designs can be very expensive.

No minimums needed for embroidery

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